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 Joyce Nielsen is a green living copywriter who writes content for eco-friendly brands.

Your industry strives to work with Nature and preserve our natural resources. Your services are in harmony with our culture and community. You are encouraging a sustainable lifestyle. You contribute to the preservation of our environment. You’re BUSY!

How can you make time to work on your content marketing? You know that newsletters, blogs, articles and sales letters will help you grow your business. I can help you build personal relationships with your clients and customers. While you focus on your business, I’ll put your thoughts into creative content that grabs attention and builds trust. I’ll craft your message into persuasive copy that closes sales.

I have an innate curiosity and passion for earth friendly living. Use my creativity to present your solutions to problems confronting society today. Profit from my AWAI training in content marketing.

Unfortunately we live in a toxic environment in our communities and homes. I have participated in both strawbale and cob workshops. I support the construction of healthier dwellings and organic farming practices. I desire to preserve this beautiful country of ours, for Nature is in a grievous state right now.

Since I was a critical care nurse for many years I know how to multitask and am dependable. I have a strong work ethic and will deliver content to your complete satisfaction. If you’re looking to work with an enthusiastic writer who can help you reach your marketing and sales goals, I’d love to hear from you.