Copywriting to bring about change

copywriters play similar role as wildflowers?

What is a copywriter? What possible relationship can there be with early blooming wildflowers that push through a layer of decayed leaves? Read on and I’ll explain.

Every Spring wildflowers change a dull forest into a glorious display of nature’s beauty. Hidden within the earth microscopic fungi surround the roots of potential flowers. They support the host’s ability to draw nutrients and water from the soil. Then the flowers return the favor by sending carbohydrates, creating during photosynthesis back to the fungi. This is an example of a symbiotic relationship.

Copywriters share the same role with their clients. We dig deep into researching every aspect of the product or service we’ve been asked to promote. Even exploring the competitive market to find the unique gem that will place our client in the forefront.

Proper nutrients bring about the development of a flower. Our copywriting performs the same function. We seek to understand our prospect’s emotional needs by stepping into his shoes. He came to your client’s website seeking a solution for a particular concern. 

We address his fear or anxiety with proof — he has found the fertile soil to solve his problem. The seed has been planted. As sun and rain promote growth, we present the specific benefits that will ease his worry.

Testimonies of success stories and scientific research support his decision to buy the product. We encourage his trust. The client will stand behind his claims by offering the guarantee of a refund if not satisfied.

Even Mother Nature doesn’t guarantee that. Ask any farmer who plants purely on faith. Not so with the product he’s paid for. This client has his back.

We present products that will benefit society — some that people haven’t even known existed. We’re not only helping our client but also future generations. Like the microscopic fungi, copywriters provide rich nuggets for changing our world. How great is that!

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